Vudu Vs. Netflix

How Do These Two Services Compare?



If you are unsure about the best company for your needs, then this Vudu Vs. Netflix comparison and reviews can help you choose the right one for you.

Let's find out which of these two is the better option when it comes to content, pricing, and overall quality services.


Overview of Vudu and Netflix


For years, Netflix has become the most reputable provider of internet streaming media, as well as DVD-by-mail type of rental programs.

If you wish to become a member of this service, you have the option between unlimited streaming and DVD by mail rentals.

Moreover, you have an option for a much higher membership fee for both, depending on add-on services on top of the standard package.

On the other hand, VUDU has limited services since it only offers online streaming option with on-demand service.

This feature allows you to pay only for shows that you watch, thus making its service a video-on-demand type of program.


It is also worth noting that Netflix has an advantage over VUDU because of its years of in the industry.

The company has a large subscriber base, and it has earned an excellent reputation from its form of subscription service.

At present, they have more movies and complete TV series that are commercial-free.

With the instant-watch streaming service and the company's massive library of films and TV episodes, there is no doubt that Netflix is a must-have for people who have given up on their cable connection.


However, VUDU is trying to catch up, as it now offers more new releases in top quality HD.

While its volume of content does not surpass what Netflix provides, VUDU is committed to giving the public higher quality video streaming content for their viewing pleasure.

In fact, most people agree that videos streamed from this service provide are much better than what other companies offer.

You can even compare that quality to Blu Ray because of the clear audio and video that will blow your mind.


Pricing and Accessibility


If you are looking for ways to watch the finest movies online, then Netflix can be your best bet.

Although the company is not spared from flaws, you cannot deny the fact that its enormous library of TV shows and movies is a superb value at only $8 monthly for unlimited video streaming.

You can also use this service on a bunch of devices, and it adds more content for your total satisfaction.

Thus, Netflix is for you if you are looking into economical and practical ways to watch a number of streaming content without the need to download these movies into your tablet or PC.

Sure, Vudu is not bad at all when it comes to cheap subscription fees, yet nothing beats the large content of Netflix.



While Vudu may not have that much content as what Netflix offers, it offers latest features such as updated iOS version of an app used in downloading films for offline viewing.

A major difference between the Android version, though, is that the iOS version is not restricted for use to tablets.

Keep in mind that there are other tweaks made to the player, which make the service easier to use.

There is also a Flixster app that allows for downloads of ultraviolet movies on an iOS, yet there are only selected films there which may not be available for public watching.

This free app also has updates that are available on iTunes, although you will need your associated account with an update on your password information.




So Which One is Worth Your Money?

If you are a TV buff who appreciates variety, then Netflix is the company for you because of its excellent selection of films.

Netflix is also suitable for people who are on a budget because at an amazingly low price, you can already have an opportunity to watch commercial-free quality movies at the comfort of your home.